Active Massage Applicator 144 plastic needles, 460x250 mm

Aktiven masažinis aplikatorius 144 plastikinės adatėlės, 460x250 mm
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Active Massage Applicator 144 plastic needles, 460x250 mm
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  • Manufacturer: Medikomed
  • Brand: Aktiven
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The needle applicator is designed to relieve muscle, joint and spinal pain and improve blood circulation.

Dimensions: 460 x 250 mm

The Kuznetsov applicator (also known as a yoga mat) is a mat with 144 plastic needle modules attached to it, which have an intense effect on the skin and can help relax muscles.

The length and frequency of the needles are designed to avoid damaging the skin even on the most delicate areas of the body: chest, back of the arms, side of the body. At the same time, the needles are sharp enough.

Recommendations for use: to get the applicator to work, just place it on a soft surface and lie on top. The light action of the needles tones the skin and increases elasticity. In case of pain, it is recommended to use hard surfaces (boards, floors) as a base. If you feel extreme discomfort during the treatment, place a thin layer of foam rubber or a terry towel under the applicator. Use the applicator on the painful area.

To relieve headaches, the applicator should be pressed against the nape of the neck or nape of the neck with your hands.

You can increase joint mobility by wrapping the applicator around the front or side of the thigh or ankle, on the outside of the forearm. You can secure the device with an elastic bandage or a plain towel.

Standing briefly on a mat will help with leg fatigue.

Contraindications: in the presence of papillomas and any tumours (which may accelerate their growth), in the presence of inflammation of the venous walls and thrombophlebitis (blockage), in the presence of moles, warts and any skin diseases at the site of the possible application.

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