Berberine, 60 capsules

Berberinas, 60 kapsulių
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Berberine, 60 capsules
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  • Content: 60 kapsulių
  • Manufacturer: Derbos Laboratorio Natural
  • Brand: PureEssence
  • EAN: 8436012152277
  • Product code: 0601
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Dietary supplement

  • Suitable for vegetarians

Ingredients: dry extract of (Berberis aristata) ( containing at least 98 % berberine), magnesium salts of fatty acids, adhesive, silicon dioxide, adhesive, pululan.

2 capsules contain: 600 mg of dry extract (containing at least 98 % berberine) of (Berberis aristata).

Suggested use: 2 capsules per day (before breakfast and before dinner) with a glass of water.

Net content: 30,6 g (Explanatory note: 60 capsules of 510 mg)

Storage: Store at a temperature not exceeding +25 °C in a dry place out of the reach of children.

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