100% vegetable. It contains no artificial colours or fragrances - the most popular and well-known plant in India, used as a natural hair tonic, it is known as the "King of Hair". The oil has a positive effect on hair, skin and nails. Ingredients: Sesamum Indicum Oil, Eclipta alba, Wheat..
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100% vegetable. Contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Non-sticky and helps nourish hair and skin. Enriched with Nine-Weed Extract, which helps nourish the hair and the roots for strong and healthy hair. Free from mineral oils. Protects the skin Vegetable oils: coconu..
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For the treatment of wrinkled (warts and papillomas) skin. Mountain chelidonium Uniquely formulated and pure Baikal herbs with herbal juices, fireweed is designed to purify and improve the appearance of the skin and maintain normal healthy skin condition. Application: apply a small amount o..
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Kumkumadi oil - a traditional Ayurvedic formula for skin beauty An Ayurvedic herbal oil whose name is common throughout South India and especially in Kerala, kumkumadi tailam consists of kumkum, the common name for saffron. Saffron is the main ingredient in this oil, giving it a unique ability to..
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Specially formulated for skin with signs of varicose veins. The gel is the optimal formulation for the additional care of skin with varicose veins. The easy and quick-absorbing consistency allows deep penetration of the active ingredients through the protective layer of the skin. Contains active ..
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