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Antipapilom kosmetinis gelis nuo karpų ir papilomų, 5 ml
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For warts, papillomas How to use: wash the area where the wart is located with warm water (open pores make it easier to absorb the active ingredients), lubricate the skin around the problem area with Vaseline or an oily cream, and apply the gel to the desired area (wart, papilloma), taking care n..
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For the treatment of wrinkled (warts and papillomas) skin. Application: apply a creamy or vaseline to healthy skin around the squamous skin before use, and apply liquid to patches of squamous skin until darkened. After 1-2 days, the squamous layer of the skin will peel off and after 3-5 days the ..
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Altai cosmetics company Dve Linii was founded in 1999 in Biysk. In the assortment you will find wart and papilloma removal products, medical products for eyes, ears and throat.

Manufacturer's address: Ulitsa Sotsialisticheskaya, 11, str.1, Biysk, Altai Krai, 659322, Russia.