Siberian product sea buckthorn oil, premium

Sibiro produktas šaltalankio uogų aliejus, premium klasė
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Siberian product sea buckthorn oil, premium
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Dietary supplement

"Siberian Product - Sea Buckthorn" oil blend

Ingredients: sea buckthorn (Oleum Hippophaes) unrefined, virgin oil 70%, sunflower (Helianthus) unrefined , virgin oil 30%.

Nutritional value per 100 g of product: energy: 3597 kJ/898 kcal. Fat: 99 g, of which saturates: 8,3 g, carbohydrate: 0 g, fibre: 0 g, protein: 0 g, salt: 0 g.
Carotenoids: 40-50 mg % (1 kg).

Storage: Store at cool temperatures (0 ºC to +25 ºC). Refrigerated after opening, consumption is recommended within 1,5 months after opening.

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