Krūtinės eliksyras, 25 ml
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Dietary supplement Ingredients: purified water, ethanol, liquorice thick extract, ammonium hydroxide, aniseed oil. Contains 14 % ethanol, 20 drops (1 ml), liquorice extract 0,207 g, aniseed oil 0,0034 g, 60 drops (3 ml), liquorice extract 0,621 g, anise oil 0,0102 g. Contains liquorice - should b..
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Dietary supplement Helps to reduce expectoration. Ingredients: dry extract of Althaea officinalis (containing polysaccharides), sodium carbonate (E500), antioxidant tartaric acid (E334), calcium salts of fatty acids, acidity regulator.   1 tablet: ..
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Vifitech pharmaceutical production company was founded in 1992. Some of the first products to be released were dietary supplements - liquid extracts of eleutherococcus, tinctures of hawthorn, valerian, ginseng, peony, motherwort and calendula.

Manufacturer's address:
Skobelevskaya Ulitsa, 22, Moscow, 117042, Russia.