Dr. Chen patika

Herbal patches are enriched with active ingredients, extracts and oils that have a positive effect on the skin. The patch can be applied anywhere on the body: neck, chest, waist, back, legs or abdomen. It has a subtle herbal aroma. Not a medicinal product. Can be used as an aid. Use: remove th..
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The pencil inhaler is a compact, easy-to-use tool that is good to have with you whenever you have a cold or nasal congestion. It has a plastic applicator with a cotton wool applicator saturated with essential oils. It contains menthol, camphor and other oils to help you breathe easier. Not a medi..
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Panax ginseng tea is made from high quality ingredients - ginseng leaves and roots. The perfect tonic tea for every day. For immunity For energy For stamina Sexual function For normal mental well-being Chinese ginseng helps to support sexual function, stamina and energy, normal me..
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Raudonojo tigro balzamas ajuverdinis tepalas, 21 ml
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Cosmetic balm recommended for body skin care. The product has a pleasant, warming effect. Ingredients: see packaging. Application: apply the cream to the selected area for 3-4 minutes and massage in with light circular movements (can be used several times a day). Precautions: Avoid contact ..
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Laukinių tigrų kūno balzamas, 18.4 g
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Wild Tiger Body Balm pain relief is a body skin care product by Dr. Chen liked by the manufacturer online. Dr. Chen liking manufacturer in Hungary - dietary supplement products with thousands of years of knowledge, traditional Chinese medicine and the power of nature. The cosmetic balm is recomme..
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Xtra Men goji + maca (peruvinės pipirinės) + senos ekstraktai, 10 buteliukų
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Food supplement with extracts of maca, serenoia and lychee (Goji). Maca help maintain normal physical and mental health. Maca help maintain normal fertility and sexual activity. Senna help maintain normal prostate function, normal function of the reproductive system, normal function of the ..
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Dr. Chen patika manufacturer in Hungary - food supplement products with thousands of years of knowledge, traditional Chinese medicine and the power of nature.

Manufacturer's address: Fővám tér. 2-3. 2. em. 1., Budapest, 1656, Hungary.