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Need medical supplies but don't have time to go out shopping? No problem. Our online store has you covered. From personal protective equipment and patches to tests and hospital-grade disinfectants, we have everything you need to stay safe and healthy. We offer a wide range of top-quality products at competitive prices, and our fast delivery ensures you'll get what you need when you need it. Shop online now and take control of your healthcare!

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Nose, Mouth, Eye Preparations
Antipapilom kosmetinis gelis nuo karpų ir papilomų, 5 ml
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Cosmetic gel for warts and papillomas. Online cheaper, detailed consultation, fast and convenient delivery!
10.89 €
Ex. VAT:9.00 €
Ear candles. Traditional folk medicine. Used in case of sulphur congestion in the ears. Beeswax.
3.59 €
Ex. VAT:2.97 €
Kojų, nagų gelis „Ekzolocin” nuo grybelio, 30 ml
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Ekzolocin foot and nail antifungal gel. Directions for use: apply a small amount to a clean, dry area of the body or nail as required.
10.99 €
Ex. VAT:9.08 €
Fundizol cream is used for skin and nail fungus. Apply 2-3 times a day to the skin and nails. Body, nails.
7.99 €
Ex. VAT:6.60 €
Balzamas auksinė žvaigždė aromatinis pieštukas, 1 vnt. Balzamas auksinė žvaigždė aromatinis pieštukas, 1 vnt.
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For use in case of nasal congestion and runny nose. Gives a pleasant, refreshing sensation in the nose. Dry inhalation will make your breathing easier!
3.59 €
Ex. VAT:2.97 €
Eye drops for dry, irritated, tired eyes with calendula and hamamelis extracts. Soothing effect for irritated, itchy eyes.
8.59 €
Ex. VAT:7.10 €
Moisturising eye drops act as a soothing lubricant and moisturising solution. They are intended to be applied to the eyes when the eyes feel dry and tired.
8.59 €
Ex. VAT:7.10 €
An aid for the care of the rectal and anal mucosa. Medical device. Macrogol, sea buckthorn oil, benzocaine, sulfaelidol.
9.99 €
Ex. VAT:8.26 €
A simple way to effectively fight nail fungus. Nail Repel Myco Clean contains substances that can change the nail environment.
14.90 €
Ex. VAT:12.31 €
Virosept anti-herpes cream. To use: apply a small amount to clean, dry skin in the right place. Quick and convenient delivery!
6.99 €
Ex. VAT:5.78 €
Vulkan oil pencil. To use: after removing the cap, insert the inhaler into the nose and inhale deeply 2-3 times, use 2-3 times a day.
3.99 €
Ex. VAT:3.30 €
Apifarm priemonė nosies gleivinei, 10 ml
Out Of Stock
recommended for the prevention of respiratory tract infections during epidemics, for the prevention of maxillary sinus disease, colds and runny noses.
3.88 €
Ex. VAT:3.21 €
A callus patch containing salicylic acid macerates the stratum corneum of the epidermis, which makes it easier to peel off later.
1.49 €
Ex. VAT:1.23 €
Kosmetinis gelis „Antipapillom“ karpoms, papilomoms, 10 ml Kosmetinis gelis „Antipapillom“ karpoms, papilomoms, 10 ml
Out Of Stock
Apply Antipapillom gel to the desired area (warts, papillomas), taking care not to get it on healthy skin. For warts, papillomas, moles.
8.89 €
Ex. VAT:7.35 €
Kosmetinis žolelių pleistras „Tiger“, 4 vnt. Kosmetinis žolelių pleistras „Tiger“, 4 vnt.
Out Of Stock
Herbal patches are enriched with active ingredients, extracts and oils that have a positive effect on the skin.
4.19 €
Ex. VAT:3.46 €
For the treatment of wrinkled (warts and papillomas) skin. Apply the liquid to the wrinkled patches of skin until they darken.
2.59 €
Ex. VAT:2.14 €
SARS-CoV-2 rapid antigen test for self-testing (test material: saliva swab). Please read the instructions for use before use.
2.47 €
Ex. VAT:2.47 €
Ostrovit dvigubas masažinis kamuolys, 7.5 cm Ostrovit dvigubas masažinis kamuolys, 7.5 cm
-10 %
The OstroVit Double Massage Ball is a versatile product for post-workout self-massage and during rehabilitation.
7.19 € 7.99 €
Ex. VAT:5.94 €
It effectively suppresses all inflammatory processes in the throat and oral cavity, and relieves sore and itchy throats.
4.99 €
Ex. VAT:4.12 €
For the relief of symptoms associated with colds, infections of the mouth, throat or upper respiratory tract.
4.99 €
Ex. VAT:4.12 €
When you have a cold or runny nose, the skin around your nose becomes irritated, red, sensitive, scratchy and painful from frequent wiping and running.
4.39 €
Ex. VAT:3.63 €
The nasal spray with aloe vera and panthenol soothes and heals the nasal mucosa during runny nose, gently cleanses the nose, reduces mucus production.
4.99 €
Ex. VAT:4.12 €
Glycerine suppositories are a gentle anti-constipation remedy to help with bowel movements.
5.29 €
Ex. VAT:4.37 €
Apply 1-2 drops to the outer lobe of the ear 3 times a day for 7 days. It is recommended to repeat the course 4 times over a period of two months.
11.12 €
Ex. VAT:9.19 €
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