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In the Weight Loss Teas, Herbs category you will find hot drinks, tea mixes. Convenient variety for your healthy habits!

Chinese herbal tea for weight control, slimming. Crushed lotus leaves, crushed bamboo leaves, crushed flowers of the woodland mallow Malva, apricot.
7.29 €
Ex. VAT:6.03 €
The roots of this plant help prevent the development of atherosclerosis, improve metabolism by burning fat, etc.
2.59 €
Ex. VAT:2.14 €
Corn flakes stimulate bile and urine excretion, reduce appetite and are suitable for slimming diets. Fast and convenient delivery!
2.19 €
Ex. VAT:1.81 €
A drink that might help you lose weight, remove excess water from the body, and therefore reduce swelling.
3.29 €
Ex. VAT:2.72 €
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