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Spygliuočių eliksyras skystasis chlorofilas (stiklas), 500 ml Spygliuočių eliksyras skystasis chlorofilas (stiklas), 500 ml
Out Of Stock
Stimulates blood cell production, provides energy, regulates fluid elimination functions and strengthens the immune system.
19.49 €
Ex. VAT:16.11 €
Activated charcoal helps to reduce excessive gas accumulation after a meal. Fast and convenient delivery, online at a better price!
0.39 €
Ex. VAT:0.32 €
Alisate is an intensive biological additive (BAD) that provides the patient with additional allicin. Fast and convenient delivery!
4.69 €
Ex. VAT:3.88 €
Chlorophyll from alfalfa without sugar, without preservatives. Chlorophyll is a plant pigment that colours leaves green. Fast and convenient delivery!
14.99 €
Ex. VAT:12.39 €
Food supplement. Pichtosept with Siberian fir oil, with sugar. Lozenges for throat. Fast and convenient delivery!
4.49 €
Ex. VAT:3.71 €
Chinese herbal tea for weight control, slimming. Crushed lotus leaves, crushed bamboo leaves, crushed flowers of the woodland mallow Malva, apricot.
7.29 €
Ex. VAT:6.03 €
Melissa helps you relax. Magnesium and vitamin B6 help reduce feelings of tiredness and fatigue.
4.99 €
Ex. VAT:4.12 €
Potassium helps maintain normal blood pressure. Hawthorn helps maintain normal cardiovascular function and normal heart function.
5.19 €
Ex. VAT:4.29 €
Apteo kalis, 100 tablečių
Out Of Stock
Potassium helps maintain normal blood pressure, normal nervous system function and normal muscle function.
5.49 €
Ex. VAT:4.54 €
Apteo tabletės virškinimui, 30 tablečių
Out Of Stock
Vegetable artichokes help maintain normal liver function, normal digestive tract function, normal liver function.
4.39 €
Ex. VAT:3.63 €
Apteo vitaminai akims liuteinas 20 mg, 30 kapsulių
Out Of Stock
Zinc helps maintain normal vision. Selenium, zinc and vitamin C help to maintain normal immune function and reduce fatigue.
6.49 €
Ex. VAT:5.36 €
Vegetable artichokes help maintain normal liver function and gut health, and help protect cells from free radicals. Includes vitamin C.
11.99 €
Ex. VAT:9.91 €
Ašvaganda (Ashwagandha, withania somnifera) 400 mg, 60 kapsulių
Out Of Stock
The vibrant vitanias help maintain normal sleep, normal energy metabolism and normal emotional state. Fast and convenient delivery!
13.00 €
Ex. VAT:10.74 €
The vibrant vitanias help maintain normal sleep, normal energy metabolism and normal emotional state.
4.49 €
Ex. VAT:3.71 €
Dietary supplement Astragal is an Oriental herb that is particularly suitable for the autumn season when the body is susceptible to infections and colds.
9.99 €
Ex. VAT:8.26 €
Ajurvedinė arbata „Samahan“, 10 pakelių Ajurvedinė arbata „Samahan“, 10 pakelių
Out Of Stock
Samahan, a loose-leaf tea made from Ayurvedic herbs, is particularly suitable for the cold season as it is very warming.
5.99 €
Ex. VAT:4.95 €
Oleum Hippophae Sea Buckthorn Oil Biolit Oil Blend. Unrefined sunflower oil. Online at a better price, fast and convenient delivery!
4.59 €
Ex. VAT:3.79 €
Bosvelijos (Shallaki) ekstraktas, 60 kapsulių
Out Of Stock
It relieves pain, is used to treat serious joint disorders, is an effective immune booster, helps with expectoration and lung disease.
12.99 €
Ex. VAT:10.74 €
Bronchosip syrup with herbs, respiratory supplements. Sage leaf extract. Peppermint leaf extract. Thyme herb extract.
3.79 €
Ex. VAT:3.13 €
Calcium and vitamin K are needed to maintain normal bones and teeth, and help maintain normal blood clotting.
5.69 €
Ex. VAT:4.70 €
Calcium is needed to maintain normal dental health, normal bone health, normal energy metabolism and normal muscle function.
0.42 €
Ex. VAT:0.35 €
Fruit-flavoured dietary supplement with sweetener for joints, cartilage, bones and muscles.
23.89 €
Ex. VAT:19.74 €
Kininis Kordicepsas (Cordyceps sinenis), 10 buteliukų
Out Of Stock
It is diuretic, helps to remove toxins from the kidneys, strengthens the immune system, and helps regulate LDL cholesterol levels.
12.99 €
Ex. VAT:10.74 €
Krūtinės eliksyras, 25 ml
Out Of Stock
A chest elixir for coughs and respiratory diseases. Use: 20 drops for adults and children over 14 years of age.
2.89 €
Ex. VAT:2.39 €
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