Himalaya Chyavanaprasha with honey, 500 g

Himalaya Chyavanaprasha čiavanprašas su medumi, 500 g
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Himalaya Chyavanaprasha with honey, 500 g
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  • Content: 500 g
  • Manufacturer: Himalaya
  • Brand: Himalaya Herbal
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Himalaya Chyavanaprasha - a unique combination of ancient wisdom and modern science. It is made according to an old recipe under strict supervision. In order to ensure the highest level of quality, its natural components are constantly tested.

About the Himalaya brand: Natural, effective and safe, Himalaya products are made from carefully selected herbs grown in the foothills of the Himalayas. Himalaya products are particularly effective and have unique properties, created on the basis of Ayurveda, the oldest medical science in the world, formed 5000 years ago in India.

Amalaki fruit is only 2.5 cm in diameter, but it contains more vitamin C than four oranges. 100 g of fresh wild amalaki fruit is considered to contain at least 700 mg of vitamin C (the recommended daily intake of vitamin C is 80 mg). Chiavanpras is made from dried amalaki fruits. The amount of vitamin C only increases when the fruit is dried, so 700 mg/100 g is the lower limit of this vitamin amount. The amount of vitamin C in dried amalaki fruit can reach up to 5000 mg/100 g.

Usage: it is recommended to use 2 teaspoons (about 20 g) per day. Before breakfast and before bed. It can be eaten with water, milk or juice or consumed as a drink by dissolving it in a liquid; or spread on bread. It is best to drink it together with warm milk, because it is easier for the body to absorb it.

Ingredients: sugar, water, invert sugar syrup (trimoline), preservative potassium sorbate (E202), butylhydroxytoluene, butylhydroxyanisole, real sugar cane (Saccharum officinarum), fruits of Indian gooseberry (Emblica officinalis; Amalaki), honey, Indian sesame (Sesamum indicum), melted butter Ghi, spiny bamboo (Bambusa arundinacea), long pepper (Piper longum) fruit, Indian kudzu (Pueraria tuberosa) rhizomes, ceylon cinnamon (Cinnamomum zeylanicum), cardamom (Elettaria Cardamomum), stone apple (Aegle marmelos) roots, glorybower (Clerodendrum phlomidis) roots, Indian trumpet tree (Oroxylum indicum), gamhar (Gmelina arborea) roots, fragrant padri-tree (Stereospermum chelonoides) roots, flannel weed (Sida cordifolia), shalparni (Desmodium Gangeticum) roots, Prishniparni (Uraria picta) roots, ranmoong or mudgparni (Phaseolus trilobus), glycine labialis (Teramnus labialis), gokshur (Tribulus terestris) roots, african egg plant (Solanum indicum) roots, Yellow-fruit nightshade (Solanum surattense), pistachio (Pistacia integerrima), stonebreaker (Phyllanthus amarus), fruit of the grapevine (Vitis vinifera), Cork Swallow-Wort (Leptadenia reticulata) roots, pushkarmool (Inula racemosa) roots, chebulic myrobalan (Terminalia chebula), heart-leaved moonseed (Tinospora cordifolia), air potato (Dioscorea bulbifera) rhizomes, spiked ginger lily (Hedychium spicatum) roots, purple nutsedge (Cyperus rotundus) roots, spreading hogweed (Boerhaavia diffusa) roots, solomon's seal (Polygonatum cirrihifolium) roots, star lotus (Nymphaea stellata) roots, malabar nut (Adhatoda vasica) roots, white Himalayan lily (Lilium polyphyllum), climbing subshrub (Pentatropis capensis) roots, Indian bay leaf (Cinnamomum tamala), ceylon ironwood (Massua ferrea) roots, vetiver (Vetiveria zizanioides) roots.

Nutritional value per 100 g: Energy value 251 kJ / 60 kcal
Fats 0,048 g
- of which saturated fatty acids 0 g
Carbohydrates 15 g
- of which sugars 13 g
Protein 0 g
Salt 0,03 g
Iron 0,36 mg
Vitamin C 2,4 mg
Sodium 3,4 mg

EU health authorities do not recommend the use of chiavanpras for people with diabetes, overweight, children, pregnant and lactating women. In Ayurveda, the restrictions of this product do not apply to children and nursing mothers. It should be borne in mind that the taste of jam is sharp and specific.

Storage conditions: store in a cool dry place, away from sunlight, out of the reach of children. Once opened, consume within 10 weeks.

Net quantity: 500 g

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