Kamelija NPP

Dietary supplement Liquid extract Ingredients: 1:1 liquid ethanolic extract of the roots and rhizomes (50 %) of rhodiola root and rhizome (containing 0,1 % rosavin). Contains 40 % ethanol by volume. The recommended daily intake of 15 drops/30 drops contains: 0,4 ml/0,8 ml liquid ethanolic e..
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Research and production company Kamelija NPP has been operating in the pharmaceutical market for 25 years, producing medicines, biologically active additives, cosmetic oils. The second line of activity is the production of raw materials for the cosmetics industry, as well as dry extracts and substances for the pharmaceutical industry.

Manufacturer's address: building 8, Ulitsa Nauchnyy Gorodok, Lobnya, Moscow Oblast, 141055, Russia.