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A natural multi-component product for the body in the area of ​​joints and spine. The action of the balm is aimed at activating blood circulation and normalizing metabolism in tissues, as well as maintaining a healthy functional state, inhibiting destructive processes. For the prevention of diseases..
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Ex. VAT:4.95 €
Body balm "Losadinaje zdorovie" is used for all skin typesThe balm improves the nutrition of the joints, prevents the formation of salt deposits, reduces the risk of arthritis, osteochondrosis and gout.Method of use: massage a small amount into the skin.Precautionary statements..
7.99 €
Ex. VAT:6.60 €
Body gel "Akulij zhir chondroitin glucosamin"Direction for use: massage a small amount onto the skin (3-5 minutes).Precautionary statements: individual incompatibility of components. Keep away from children. Avoid contact with eyes.Ingredients: see packaging.Best before exp..
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Ex. VAT:4.12 €
The gel is rich in badiaga, an ancient natural remedy with unique absorption properties. Badiaga is a freshwater sponge that lives on underwater objects (fines, stones) in ordinary rivers. The skeleton of the Badiagi consists of a looped network of silica needles connected by an organic material cal..
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Intense skin regeneration and protection!The product is designed for immediate skin care, regeneration and protection of problem areas prone to various dermatological problems (itching, irritation, inflammation, dandruff).The effectiveness of the cream-balm is based on a synergistic combinat..
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Ex. VAT:3.79 €
Body gel "Sportivnij"Direction for use: massage a small amount into the skin (3-5 minutes) 3-4 times a day. If there is any stretching, apply a fixative bandage after applying the balm.Precautionary statements: individual incompatibility of components. Keep away from children. Avoi..
6.29 €
Ex. VAT:5.20 €
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Koroliov Farm is a contract manufacturer providing a full range of services for the development and production of packaging for cosmetics, bioactive food supplements and food products.

Manufacturer's address: Pionerskaya Ulitsa, 4, Korolyov, Moscow Oblast, 141070, Russia.