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Bath salt is a unique natural mineral solution consisting of a sodium chloride magnesium complex. It also contains bromine, iodine, iron and other beneficial components. It is well absorbed by the body, saturating the cells with micro- and macro-nutrients. It is the perfect treat for those who li..
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Grapefruit essential oil has a sweet, citrus scent. May help reduce the development of acne. Grapefruit essential oil is also used in face creams and lotions because of its antioxidant content and diffusing scent. Ingredients: 100% Grapefruit Essential Oil (Citrus Grandis Oil). Use: can be add..
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The aroma of pine needles helps to relieve tension, strengthens and relaxes a tired body after both emotional and physical stress. Pine extract dissolves easily in water. Indulge your tired body every day after the day's work. Method of use: shake, add 90-100 ml to a bath of water at 35-40..
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