Merit indonesian slimming capsules 500 mg, 21 tablets

Merit indonezijos lieknėjimo kapsulės 500 mg, 21 tabletė
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Merit indonesian slimming capsules 500 mg, 21 tablets
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  • Content: 21 tabletė
  • Manufacturer: Capung Indah Abadi
  • Brand: Merit
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  • Product code: 0143
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Dietary supplement

Traditionally used to help slim down, reduce fat, reduce excessive cholesterol and triglycerides. Rhubarb root helps support bowel function.

A varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important.

Ingredients: lactose, (Guazuma ulmifolia) leaf extract, (Rheum Officinale) rhubarb root extract, Punica granatum fruit peel extract, talc as a viscosity regulator, starch.

1 tablet contains: 150 mg of (Guazuma ulmifolia) leaf extract, 50 mg of (Rheum Officinale) root extract equivalent to 3,49 mg of hydroxyanthracene derivatives calculated on the basis of rhein, 50 mg of (Punica granatum) pomegranate fruit peel extract.

Suggested use: 1 tablet per day is recommended for adults.

Warnings: Contains lactose. It is not recommended in case of individual intolerance to the food supplement. Do not exceed the recommended dose. The food supplement should not be used as a meal replacement.

Storage: Store in a dry, dark, cool place out of the reach of children.

Net content: 10,5 g (Explanation: 21 tablets of 500 mg)

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