„Miraculous” vacuum massage cups, 2 pcs.

Silikoninės vakuuminės masažinės taurelės „Chudesnik”, 2 vnt.
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„Miraculous” vacuum massage cups, 2 pcs.
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  • Content: 2 vnt.
  • Manufacturer: TOV Selkom
  • Brand: Chudesnik
  • EAN: 4820143040024
  • Product code: 0693
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Massage cups are an effective remedy for cellulite and overweight. Spend a few minutes a day and you won't be afraid of any "orange peel". The result of the vacuum massage is smooth and supple skin!

Glass massage improves blood circulation, lymphatic drainage and restores microcirculation.

Instructions for use:

  1. Before the massage, clean the skin thoroughly.
  2. Rub generously with oil to allow the vacuum cup to glide easily
  3. Massage according to the massage lines indicated in the instructions
  4. Duration of the vacuum massage up to 15 minutes per area.
  5. After the massage, we recommend applying body lotion
  6. Use the scrub 1-2 times a week

The duration of the massage course depends on the intensity of the problem areas. The minimum massage course is 10-15 treatments. Repeat the course after one month at the earliest. It is not recommended to massage every day, but every other day is preferable to give the skin time to recover. For the massage to be effective, it is recommended not to eat for at least one hour before and after the massage

Material: silicone

Contraindications: eczema, dermatitis, fungal skin lesions, fever, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, thrombophlebitis, any bleeding, presence of malignant or benign tumours, varicose veins, nausea and malaise, acute respiratory diseases. Glass massage is not recommended during menstruation, pregnancy and the first couple of months after childbirth

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