Overnight oats + chia + collagen ICONFIT, 1 kg

Naktinė avižų košė + chia + kolagenas Overnight Oats ICONFIT, 1 kg
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Overnight oats + chia + collagen ICONFIT, 1 kg
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  • Content: 1,000 g
  • Manufacturer: ICONFIT
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Apple and cinnamon flavour

What is it and what is it for?

ICONFIT Overnight Oats is a healthy porridge blend with balanced macronutrients, developed and produced in Estonia. In addition to whole grain oats, the porridge mix also includes chia seeds, which are rich in fatty acids (or coconut flakes with a coconut and raspberry flavour), raw cacao, which is rich in minerals (with a chocolate flavour), and 10% hydrolysed collagen. The porridge is high in protein, 26,5-27,8 %. Just add milk in the evening and enjoy it in the morning! A healthy breakfast ideal for the whole family and professional athletes alike.

Our night porridge is not only healthy and easy to make, but also very inexpensive. Depending on your needs, a single breakfast will cost you just €0.75-1.50. This is more affordable than most of the breakfast porridges offered in restaurants, which are often quite poor in terms of nutrients, as they consist only of oats and sweet jam.

ICONFIT quality and care

All ICONFIT products are designed and manufactured with the highest European quality standards. We develop our products together with nutritionists, athletes and food technologists.

ICONFIT products do not contain any unnecessary artificial stabilisers, colourings or preservatives. Our customers keep coming back for the quality, purity and delicious taste of our products.


Overnight oat porridge is easy to prepare - add milk (100 g/l milk 70 g mix), mix well and refrigerate overnight. When you wake up, a healthy and tasty breakfast awaits you! Enjoy it cold or warm it up in the microwave. You can also make it with buttermilk, kefir, skyr or plant milk. If you like, you can top with fresh berries or fruit.

For a light snack, mix 70 g of the porridge mixture with 100 ml of milk. The average breakfast portion for women is 100 g porridge mixed with 140 ml of milk (about 400 kcal). The average breakfast portion for men is 140 g porridge mixed with 200 ml of milk (about 570 kcal). Find the right portion size for you according to your daily menu or eating plan.


The main ingredient is roasted whole-grain oats, which are high in fibre to keep you fuller for longer. We've boosted the protein content with hydrolysed collagen and whey protein.

Apple and cinnamon: chia seeds provide healthy omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. Natural freeze-dried apples and cinnamon provide a delicious flavour and plenty of vitamins.

Overnight Oats contain no added sugar. We have used erythritol and stevia to add some sweetness. One serving in the morning will also provide the recommended daily amount of collagen (10 g per 100 g of product)

Nutritional information Porridge 100 g
Energy value (kJ/kcal) 1403
Protein (g) 27
Carbohydrate (g) 38.6
of which sugars (g) 2.3
Fat (g) 6.7
of which saturated (g) 0.5
Salt (g) 0.2

Net content: 1000 g

Packed in Estonia.

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