"Shik" liquid birch tar soap, 300 g

„Shik“ skystas degutinis muilas, 300 g
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"Shik" liquid birch tar soap, 300 g
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  • Content: 300 g
  • Manufacturer: Slobozhansky Soap Boiler
  • Brand: Shik
  • EAN: 4820023367968
  • Product code: 0136
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The soap is suitable for daily use and contains natural birch tar.

Tar soap is a natural product as it does not contain any synthetic fragrances and colours. Despite its specific scent, it does not linger after washing.

It is a cheap and versatile product that promotes rapid drying of damaged skin. It also reduces itching, flaking, redness and skin irritation. The natural component can help fight acne.

To use: massage the soap into the skin with gentle massage movements until a lather is formed. Rinse off.

In case of contact with eyes: wash gently with water for a few minutes.

Storage conditions: keep out of the reach of children. Use as directed. Do not get into eyes!

Ingredients (INCI): Sodium Palmate, SodiumPalmKernelate, Sodium tallowate, Aqua, Kaolin, Betula Tar, Glycerin, Disodium EDTA.

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