Indian Soapnut powder (Sapindus trifoliatus), 400 g

Indiško muilo riešutų milteliai (Sapindus trifoliatus), 400 g
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Indian Soapnut powder (Sapindus trifoliatus), 400 g
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Indian Soapnut powder (Sapindus trifoliatus) by Elfarm Herbalshop manufacturer online. Ayurveda for health and beauty! Ancient Eastern traditions and modern technology. Ayurvedic remedies for health and beauty.

For hundreds of years, the people of India and Nepal have been washing and cleaning with soap nuts. The nut is the dried fruit of the Ritha tree and the saponin it releases is a 100% substitute for conventional detergents. When mixed with water, it produces a soft, soap-like lather.

Soapnuts can be used to clean virtually anything - from washing clothes, as a liquid soap, to cleaning and polishing jewellery, household cleaners, etc.

Soapnuts are non-allergenic and therefore good for your skin, especially suitable for babies, eczema and sensitive skin. This chemical-free product is ideal for washing children's clothes.

Ingredients: 100% soap nut powder (Sapindus trifoliatus).

Use: add 1-2 teaspoons of powder to a cup of water, bring to the boil and boil for about 15-20 minutes.

Precautions: avoid contact with eyes, rinse with water.

Storage conditions: keep away from direct sunlight at +5°C to +25°C. Keep away from children.

Net quantity: 400 g

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